Friday, November 13, 2009

Reuters is one of the most professional informational companies in the world and they offer

Getting the latest important news is a vital requirement for every Forex, stocks or options trader. The Internet is full of various sites, but not all them feature financial news or provide such news in a timely manner. This list consists of top ten sources for the trader’s news that are updated often and are not mixed up with irrelevant news.
Bloomberg — the ultimate news source about everything that is in any way related to the financial markets. Search forex strategy in the internet is not as easy as search free e-cards What do you think the key for forex trading? It is not the perfect strategy, but PERFECT DISCIPLINE. Discipline is a controlled behavior. So in forex trading you must have a controlled behavior which follows your strategy. Discipline will separates [...] Breaking News — a great site to get the recent financial information, it also provides free news from several paid news sources (i.e. Associated Press
). Stock market traders will like the coverage of almost all kinds of companies.
Reuters Business & Finance
— Reuters is one of the most professional informational companies in the world and they offer news as a free service to everyone.
— they may be too old-fashioned, but BusinessWeek still features some exclusive news content and the very professional analysis.
Financial Times
— I like FT for they are not as US-centered as some other financial news sites, they offer a pretty good world news outlook. Can be recommended as a source of Forex related news if you prefer trading exotic currency pairs.
— opposite to FT, CNN prefers news from United States, but it’s still good because the majority of world stocks are concentrated on the Wall Street. It will also be useful to the Forex dollar traders.
— a "must have" bookmark for every currency trader; news on foreign currency markets are delivered at the top quality level.

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Traders on the Foreign Exchange market, Forex market for short, can potentially make thousands of dollars based on the volatility and fluctuations of a country’s currency. To better themselves and have a leading advantage over other traders, some Forex traders and investors participate in a practice known as news trading. The risks are very high, but the potential gains can be worth thousands of dollars and many traders and investors use this technique.
The technique of news trading is quite simple. It is the trading of foreign currency immediately before or after an important economic news announcement. After such announcements, there is a high possibility that market prices will fluctuate, either for the better or worse, depending on the announcement. For example, if the U. S. Federal Reserve announces another increase of the interest rate, many traders might invest in the U.S. dollar as it is expected that its value will appreciate. The main advantage of news trading is the potential for a country’s currency to make huge gains or losses in very little time. Within minutes of an economic announcement, a country’s currency can gain or lose one hundred points almost instantly. The potential of huge profits attracts Foreign Exchange traders and investors, however there are various risks associated with news trading.
Like any investment, there is always a risk, and news trading on the Forex market is no different. Though the potential profits are huge, the losses are also equally as large. The dangers of news trading come from the fact that a trade must be made quickly or else you are going to lose. If you are caught on the bad side of a trade, your money will be gone quicker than you can blink your eye. You will lose money so fast that there won’t even be time for you to manually close your trades, leaving you with nothing. Stop-loss orders are also potentially dangerous as there is a high probability of slippage because of the sudden price fluctuation.
Though some investors and traders might get lucky trading news, there is only a small probability that you will make a profit. Even if you are an expert news trader, you should still be very, very cautious when participating in this practice. Successful news trading depends solely on how you get your news. The most successful news traders are the ones with the fastest news feeds
and those that are able to quickly place their trades immediately after an announcement has been made. Even using other forms of news trading, such as placing orders above or below the market price is still a guessing game, and those traders in the market who base their trades on guesses, won’t have much money after a short time.
For many Forex traders and investors, their trades are dictated by technical indicators and price indexes. Hours are spent researching every indicator, taking every risk into account and then making a decision based on everything they have studied. However, for a Forex news trader, none of this matter, and the only thing they take into account is economical news announcements.
News trading is possible because the Forex market is always open, unlike many financial markets. In a financial market, securities trades of certain stocks are suspended when an important company announcement is being made. These announcements are usually made after the market has closed for the day. However, because the Foreign Exchange market is open 24 hours, any economic announcement will have direct affects on the currency of that country, and maybe others as well. In the Forex market, there are eight major currencies that are traded, as well as over seventeen derivatives to be traded as well. This means that on any given day, there will always be economic announcements from any of the major traded currencies. The major trader currencies are as follows

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