Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The benefits of submitting to niche directories are:

In the previous posts, we discussed Local Channels, which are websites that target a particular location or region, hence the term ‘local’. When people see that your business is locally near them, they will more likely take a closer look and make a buying decision.
With “Niche” channels, we will now focus on websites that are targeted to a particular industry or topic; for example, a blog, directory or search engine that strictly shows information for electronics only. A niche channel is another area where you can find targeted prospects for your business. The ideal strategy to use is to combine local and niche channels together in your marketing.
So if you’re selling furniture in Texas, then you would want to target websites that are locally in Texas and are about furniture.
Here are different niche channels which you can utilize to market your business online.
Niche Directories
Niche directories are directories that only allow submissions from businesses that are related to the niche. For example, if your business sells classic cars, then you should submit your website to directories that specialize in classic cars only.
The benefits of submitting to niche directories are:
1. Search Engine Optimization
Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo rank the niche directories high for keywords related to the niche. Since the directories have a link to your website, the latter will rank high for the keywords also.
So if your business sells accessories for vintage classic cars and it appears in a classic car directory under the category Accessories, then you may rank higher compared to other businesses for the keywords “classic car” and “accessories”.
The number of related websites with links to your business website affects your ranking in the search engines. The more the merrier.
Your task is to find as many niche directories as possible, and submit your business website to them. A lot of these directories are free so the only cost is your time for the submission process.
There are some niche directories that accept payment to be listed in them. These directories normally have fewer listings because most business owners don’t want to pay. However, the quality of these paid niche directories are better than the free ones and normally rank well on the search engines.
If you’re considering paying for a listing in a niche directory, spend some time and look at the directory you’re considering. See if the Google™ Page Rank is high compared to the free Niche Directories. Page Rank is Google’s way to show that a website is an authority in its industry. A Page Rank of 4 or higher is good.
To check a website’s Page Rank, you can install the Google™ Toolbar at Alternatively, if you don’t like to install an extra toolbar on your browser, you can check a website’s page rank at
If the niche directory has a good page rank (i.e. 4 or higher), then you can also check to see if it gets many visitors.
For a rough estimate of how much traffic a website has on average, you can use the Alexa tool at Just type in the URL of the website and get an estimate of how much traffic the website receives.
Next you can do an online search for the niche directory and read about other people’s views. You will know a lot about a directory based on other people’s feedback in forums and blogs.
Based on the PageRank, traffic and other people’s comments, you can justify to see if it’s worth paying the money to be listed in that particular paid niche directory.
Here’s a list of niche directories:
Alternatively, you can use the search engine and type in <> directory e.g. camera If your customers want to find accessories or spare parts for their classic cars, then no doubt they would have spent a lot of time searching on the internet for information. It’s very likely that they would have visited a classic car directory during their search.
By listing your business website in the targeted categories of the directory, you are exposing your products and services to targeted buyers. Think about it.
People who visit a niche directory and have dug deeper within the categories, are there for one reason only. They have a need and they’re looking for a solution. They’re looking for businesses that specialize in what they want. Plus they want to buy.
When they see your business listed in a certain category, you have a chance of making a sale. It now depends on the decision of the buyer, whether to purchase from you or your competitors who are also listed in the same categories.
Their decision will depend upon whether your business is located near them, if you have a telephone number they can use to call someone, the prices of your products and services, and the professional way on how your business is described in the listing.
Niche directories are very important for listing your business websites. They can get you targeted visitors to your website and help you rank higher in the search engines for your keywords.
The best part is submitting your website to niche directories is cheap and free most of the time, an excellent way to market your business online in an affordable manner. Great for all budget ranges.


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